ProRealis is an independent and widely oriented project and advisory bureau for spatial development and renewable energy. The quality of ProRealis lies in the combination of thorough expert knowledge and project management. In this manner market parties and governments are supported and advised around complex issues and principals are assisted to realise their ambitions in a revelatory manner. The aim is also always to realise this within budget, planning and satisfaction of the customer.

ProRealis gives guidance and direction to ideas and projects around (subterranean) infrastructure, area development, industrial areas, ports, water and urban renovation. Also we support principals in the development of business cases, the set-up of a new (energy) company, the operational management, environment management and the coordination between various projects.

Contact point for RenewabLAW is Marlon Pijpelink. He studied Landscape architecture and Planning at Wageningen University with the specialisation Spatial planning. As pre-qualification he studied Rural innovation at HAS Den Bosch with Urban and regional development as his major. He started his career at an advice and engineering bureau that operated internationally as an adviser and project leader rural areas. Since 2009 he is actively involved from within ProRealis in various projects.

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