Legal advice

The construction of a windmill park in the sea or on land? The installation of solar panels in a park or on houses of a building association?

Collecting and processing of organic waste into biogas? The construction of a nationwide network of charging points for electrical vehicles? Or the collection and the re-use of industrial excess heat?

The success of renewable energy projects totally depends on a structured, integral approach of various specialists. For clear, legal advice and pragmatic support you as project owner or stakeholder can turn to RenewabLAW, the initiative of Jan Albert Timmerman
Together with a network of professional partners RenewabLAW will support you pro-actively with advice and action around the energy transition that the Netherlands (and also Europe) must and will go through.

5 steps plan

Renewable energy projects are sustainable challenges for the future. The contribution of RenewabLAW goes much further than signalling and solving legal problems or threats. In order to create added value, we put an emphasis on seeing and scoring chances. Each (possible) renewable energy project we therefore approach via a 5 steps plan: Feasibility – Contracting – Realisation – Operation & Maintenance. Across the steps the financing process will run. Financing is therefore an essential part of some relevant steps.

If you put the right accents from a legal point, then you can gain benefits in each step. RenewabLAW will thereby be gladly of service to you. The preference is to give advice and support from start to finish. Of course you can also employ it for the separate steps.

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