Regulations and future

Shall renewable energy in 2020 have a share of 20% in the total demand for energy? And shall the transport sector succeed in achieving a percentage of 10% (inclusive of electrical driving)? These sustainable ambitions are high on the agenda of the European Union. The Netherlands strives for a share of 16% (4% in 2012). In order to achieve that target, the Dutch government must execute a catch-up operation in the use of renewable energy sources. Now the use of fossil energy sources (gas and oil) is still dominant.

The catch-up operation runs along various tracks: the initiating and giving precedence to renewable energy projects and the improvement of the required infrastructure. RenewabLAW wants to pay a role in this catch-up operation. As legal experts we are actively involved in the transition from fossil to renewable energy sources. From our experience and expertise we translate plans into targets and results. Are you curious about our approach? We will gladly make an appointment to present chapter and verse.