Legal Investigation for the Union of Water Boards

Water managers who pioneer with new energy sources often encounter legal bottlenecks. In addition to the existing investigation of Berenschot, the Union of Water Boards (Unie van Waterschappen) has conducted an inventory of legal issues. The results are bundled and shared so that water boards can learn from each other. At the end of 2019,

StoredEnergy; the installation of a 120 kWh battery at a sports club

StoredEnergy is a consultancy firm active within the field of storage of renewable energy. As an independent expert with access to all storage technologies – including: lithium-ion, flow batteries, salt-water batteries and hydrogen – StoredEnergy advises individuals, companies, governments, wind and solar parks and investors. In the fall of 2019, StoredEnergy installed a large battery

Betuwewind: a windenergy cooperative in the Rivierenland

The windenergy cooperative Betuwewind is owned by citizens and is developing the Avri and Deil wind farms. Both windfarm will generate green energy for approximately 60,000 households. Members of the cooperative have lent money to the cooperative, in order for the cooperative to be able to make the investment in the windparks. During the annual


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