Partners: Project lawyers

Jeroen supports RenewabLAW from his one man business Stey Legal with regards to the research project that RenewabLAW is working on for the Union of Water Boards. Jeroen also works as a (junior) lawyer at Statkraft. Jeroen holds a master’s degree in Law from the Tilburg University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in that

Nold Jaeger

Nold supports RenewabLAW from his one-man business DPA Jaeger Advies with regards to the research project that RenewabLAW is working on for the Union of Water Boards. Nold also works as a policy officer at Holland Solar. Nold holds a Post Master European Law degree from the College of Europe in Bruges and a Master

Liance Legal

With more than 17 years of work experience as an in-house lawyer in an international setting (including Philips), Lisette Hendrikse focuses since October 2012 as an independent legal adviser on (start-ups) in the sustainable (technology) sector and since 2015 she does that from within Liance Legal. With her experience in international contracts, M&A and joint ventures she

Lim Legal

Under Lim Legal Services, Wen Lim provides ever since 2001 legal advice on an interim-basis to trade and industry. Wen supports enterprises especially in the commercial legal area and has plenty of experience with projects in the energy and real estate sector. Specialisms: (international) contracts, real estate law, legal (re)structuring and legal coordination. Do you


Halsten Legal Department is an external legal department and provides where necessary project lawyers for RenewabLAW. Organisations outsource the in-house law work to them, and for organisations with permanent lawyers they form the flexible layer. Halsten works for enterprises and governments, on all relevant areas of the law. They offer efficient and high value legal

Bregman Legal Consulting

Lisanne Bregman acts  as legal advisor in the energy and financial sector with her company Bregman Legal Consulting. With more than 10 years of relevant work experience (including Ballast Nedam and Vattenfall), Lisanne brings specific knowledge on board regarding your renewable energy projects. Her role depends on the project and varies from interim lawyer, adviser


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