PowerQ helps, already for more than 8 years, enterprises and institutions with the reduction of their energy costs. They distinguish themselves from other energy advisers and engineering companies because they can also implement and exploit the advice. Thus they add action to words and they can live up to their promises. As one of the few parties they have a multidisciplinary approach. For the realisation of targets they choose (a combination of) investments, technical implementation, modified energy purchase, modified maintenance and making use of fiscal benefits. In addition to advisory, installation and exploitation PowerQ arranges for more than 2,500 locations the energy-purchase. They hereby make use of a spread purchase strategy for gas and electricity which lets you benefit from price drops and protects you against large price increases.  

Contact point for RenewabLAW within PowerQ is Loek Hulsbergen. Loek knows the energy market like the back of his hand. He gained international experience in large energy companies like Essent, EGL and RWE.

Do you want to know more about PowerQ and Loek Hulsbergen? View his experience on his LinkedIn-profile.