Jeroen supports RenewabLAW from his one man business Stey Legal with regards to the research project that RenewabLAW is working on for the Union of Water Boards. Jeroen also works as a (junior) lawyer at Statkraft. Jeroen holds a master’s degree in Law from the Tilburg University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in that

Nold Jaeger

Nold supports RenewabLAW from his one-man business DPA Jaeger Advies with regards to the research project that RenewabLAW is working on for the Union of Water Boards. Nold also works as a policy officer at Holland Solar. Nold holds a Post Master European Law degree from the College of Europe in Bruges and a Master

Roger van Buuren; Bird & Bird

Roger has more than 20 years of experience specializing in project financing in the Energy & amp; Utility sector and in addition acquisition and real estate financing. He previously worked as a finance lawyer at various leading Dutch law firms and at ABN AMRO Bank. He recently returned to the legal profession as a partner


PowerQ helps, already for more than 8 years, enterprises and institutions with the reduction of their energy costs. They distinguish themselves from other energy advisers and engineering companies because they can also implement and exploit the advice. Thus they add action to words and they can live up to their promises. As one of the


PNO is, as full service financial service provider, active in the public domain. They arrange for relations all financial means and instruments with which the government wants to stimulate enterprises and organisations. Where government ambitions and those of trade and industry touch each other, you will find PNO. And whether the government now focuses on

Holland Van Gijzen

The notaries of Holland Van Gijzen are specialised in enterprise law, real estate and estate planning. Thereby inventivity, creativity, client and market orientation are core. The (candidate) notaries public of Holland Van Gijzen are involved and leading in (international) mergers and restructurings, take-overs, (re) financings, workers participations, cooperation agreements, commercial real estate transactions and project


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