Woodwater Legal

Woodwater Legal performs high-quality and pragmatic legal services for both companies and governments, with a focus on energy & climate, environment & safety and construction & infrastructure. The way of working with regards to both companies and governments (especially municipalities and water boards) is characterized by the keywords drive, integrity and result orientation. Due to a good feeling for public affairs and political-administrative relations – at national and regional level – Woodwater Legal can add value. Especially when it comes down to complex legal and local issues, such as sustainable area development and / or the energy transition, which asks beside legal knowledge a problem solving capacity.

Contact point for RenewabLAW is Durk Groenveld. After completing his law degree, he has gained extensive work experience in the area of ​​administrative (procedural) law, environmental law (environment, spatial planning, nature and water) and energy law (renewable energy, energy infrastructure and market regulation).

Durk has worked – among others – for the government, as a barrister, as a consultant and as staff member of a branch organization. He is a member of the Vereniging voor Milieurecht (VMR), the Vereniging voor Bouwrecht (VBR) and the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Energierecht (NeVER). He also regularly performs as a speaker (at seminars / conferences) and as a course teacher.

Do you want to know more about Woodwater Legal and Durk Groenveld? View his experience on his LinkedIn-profile.