Zonnepark Welschap: the development of a large-scale solar project by an energy cooperative.

The Eindhoven Air Base had the idea for realizing a solar park on a piece of wasteland. Local energy cooperatives and other parties started using this idea. Together they investigated whether it was technically, economically and organisationally feasible to build a solar park at this location. Ultimately, the local energy cooperatives and associations (040energie, Best Duurzaam, KempenEnergie, O3energie and Veldhoven Duurzaam) joined forces to realize Zonnepark Welschap on a 2.5 hectare plot with around 11,000 solar panels.

The project is structured by using a tax arrangement, the so called “postcoderoosregeling”. That arrangement results in residents and small businesses which are living or are established in a certain postalcode area nearby the solar park, having the possibility to pay less energy taxes. Residents and small businesses of Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Oirschot, East, West and Middelbeers, Eersel and Best had the possibility to participate. Financial close has been reached by the cooperative and the solarpark is reaslized..

Jan Albert Timmerman has supported the local energy cooperative on those aspects where legal assistance was needed.

More info: https://zonneparkwelschap.nl/